Bindomatic 5000

Bindomatic 5000

Our "Standard" machine, the Bindomatic 5000 can handle any job from 1 to 540 sheets (1080 Pages) in any size from A5 to A3.

A true workhorse for both small users with a need to edit documents as well as large users producing all day long.

Price: $1436.00
3 Year Full Warranty

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Bindomatic 5000 is the "Standard in Document Binding"

It suits all users from the smallest office to the largest. It can bind anything from 1 to 540 sheets of 80 gsm paper. And it will do 1 book at a time or up to 20 books in one single binding cycle.
Small offices will use it for all their binding needs, producing quotes, reports or manuals. It can easily look after their archiving needs at the same time, e.g. binding each months invoice copies in a single folder.

Corporate offices / Government bodys can either place it in their in-house copy centre or use it as a departemental document finisher.

Copy shops / Digital printers will use it to produce clients documents.
If you need your documents and books in any size other than A4, for example A5 or A3 size, then the Bindomatic 5000 will handle it.
Bindomatic 5000

As you can see the award winning design of the Bindomatic blends into the office environment perfectly. When you combine the quality documentation that modern laser printers and photocopiers provide with the professional binding of the Bindomatic System you have the means to present your product and services in the most professional way possible.

Bindomatic 5000 is what we call "our standard machine" because it can look after the binding need of any size office. It is the most versatile and can bind anything from A5 to A3, 1 - 540 sheets (1080 Pages).

A BIG advantage with the Bindomatic Document Finishing Systems is that you can easily add, remove or replace pages at any time. (Some limitations apply.) Have a look under "Why use Bindomatic" to learn more about this feature.

Free-standing cooling rack and user instruction included. 3 Year warranty


Your Bindomatic system is always ready to use and don't need any setup or special preparations to do its job.

Just insert your freshly printed document into a Bindomatic cover, put it in the machine, wait for the beep and it is done.

The Bindomatic process is free of mess, and is quick and easy for your operators to use. Punch-binding is a much slower process which creates paper waste as a result of the punching operation.

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Editing Bindomatic documents is a very simple process.

This makes the process particularly well suited to reference books, where pages containing dated information need to be replaced.


It takes only about 60 seconds to bind one or several documents on a Bindomatic thermal binding system, regardless of the thickness of the document! In contrast, a 'punch-bound' document must first be punched in sections small enough to fit into the punch machine, then manually fed onto a plastic or wire comb. The thicker the document, the more time it takes to bind. In addition, thermal binding allows several documents to be bound simultaneously, thereby making a dramatic saving in staff time and cost. Again in contrast, punch-binding is a labour intensive operation where each document has to be bound individually, thereby dramatically increasing staff time and cost.
A simple example of this would be a binding exercise involving 12 documents of 30 pages each. With a punch-binding time estimated at 2.5 minutes per document, the time saving would be as follows:

12 documents x 2.5 minutes/document = 30 minutes total binding time

12 documents bound simultaneously = 1 minute total binding time

If this were a daily exercise, the savings over 12 months would be 7,540 minutes!

User friendly

The Bindomatic 7000 DFS has been designed for the user in mind. A one minute instruction will make a fully fledged operator. Talk about user friendly!
The machine sits on any desktop to make a practical, ergonomically sound work station for users. The Bindomatic 7000 DFS is very quiet and free from odour, which also contributes to a good working environment.

How to Bind

1. Measure the sheets to be bound with the cover size selector.

2. Place the sheets in a cover with the correct spine width.

3. Place one or more covers to be bound in the machine.

4. The binding will start automatically. The time will depend on the number of pages bound.

5. Wait until the red light flashes and the machine beeps. Place the covers in the cooling stand. The machine is now ready for the next binding job.

6. After approx. 2 minutes your professionally bound document is ready for use.

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Technical Data
Document Size A5, A4, A3, spine lengths up to 370mm
Capacity 1-25 documents. 1-540 sheets in cover spine widths of 1.5 to 54mm
Binding Time 60 seconds
Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 440x270x155mm (LxWxH)
Weight 5.5 kg