Bindomatic 7000

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The Bindomatic® 7000 was the world’s first automated,
desktop thermal binder when launched, and is still the
undisputed champion of its class. The capacity remains
unrivaled with 20 documents bound per minute. No other
competitive finishing solution in the same market place
even comes close.

Thanks to its intuitive simplicity and ease of use, the
Bindomatic® 7000 is the ideal binding solution for office/
corporate walk-up print stations, as well as volume
demanding CRD or commercial print environments. It will
always deliver a professional impression in the blink of an
eye, without the need of trained operators.

Price: 8925.00
1 year full warranty.
The Bindomatic 7000  

User profile

The user profile of the Bindomatic 7000 is anybody who either produces large runs of individual documents or a multitude of short run documents. For example:

Corporate offices / Government.
In-house print facilities.
Copy shops / Digital printers.
Commercial printers.

It is as easy to produce 20 different books in runs of 50 as it is to produce 1 run of 1000 books. There is no setup changes and every book can have different amount of pages. The quiet, easy to use, digital system binds 100 documents in 5 minutes; 500 in 20 minutes.

Professional appearance

Book-like bindings using Customized Covers or Standard Covers.

High quality

The Bindomatic 7000 binds documents faster than any copier or laser printer can produce copies and printouts, which means the machine can serve several copiers or printers simultaneously. Professional looking documents can be produced without any delay. The system handles documents that contain 1 to 150 sheets in covers with spine widths from 1.5mm to 15mm.

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High Productivity

The Bindomatic 7000 is a highly automated and powerful document binding machine. Its obvious place is beside any high volume copier or laser printer that is shared by several staff. In short, wherever documents are produced for publications externally or internally.

You can bind 100 documents in five minutes. Large volumes or small. Many pages or few. The Bindomatic Document Finishing System makes it easy for you to bind more than 1,000 documents an hour. 100 copies of a report can be bound and ready for distribution in 5 minutes. 500 price lists can be ready to be sent out in less than 20 minutes. Binding 10 copies of a quotation takes no time at all.

Thanks to its high capacity, several people can bind their documents at the same time. You can even bind documents of different widths and shapes in the same cycle. Binding is continuous which means that documents can be fed into the machine while it is operating.
The control panel indicates how many documents are being processed and the number completed. When the receiving tray is almost full the machine signals the operator. The machine will stop automatically if the tray becomes completely full and start as soon as the bound documents are removed.

User friendly

The Bindomatic 7000 has been designed for the user in mind. A one minute instruction will make a fully fledged operator. Talk about user friendly!
The machine sits on any desktop to make a practical, ergonomically sound work station for users. The Bindomatic 7000 is very quiet and free from odour, which also contributes to a good working environment.

How to Bind

It can't be easier than this to produce books, manuals, reports or catalogues.

1. Insert the set of papers to be bound in the automatic cover size selector. The display will show the correct cover spine width to use.

2. Place document pages in a Bindomatic cover, with the correct spine size, and align.

3. Insert the ready to- bind document when the green LED indicator light is lit.
Depending on spine width, as many as 30 documents per minute can be inserted.

4. Wait for the machine to signal that the thermal binding process is complete — approximately 2 minutes. Remove the bound document(s) from the front tray.

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Technical Data
Document Size A4 — portrait bound orientation
Capacity From 1 to 150 sheets of 80 gsm paper. Load 20 documents per minute (depending on spine width)
Binding Time First document 90 seconds, Following documents = 20 per minute.
Voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 511x475x475x360 mm (depth x width x height)
Weight 28 kg